Anukonni parichayam thakkuva time lo ma lesbian relation

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hi friends naku anusha anni recent ga thannu ping chessindhi general chat lo na marriage gurinchi cheppa thannu beautician anni cheppindhi alla ma chat extend ayyindhi

anusha gurinchi cheppalli antey thannu fashion designer and beautician thanna from guntur hyderabad lo staying in hitech city

Anusha tho video call lo challa seppu matladdu thannu naku guidance ichindhi so naaku facial konni cheyalli annadhi so thana room address ichindhi so next day vellannu and we had a small chit chat na face glory meedha and thannu facial and rubbing and etc chessindhi thana night dress ichindhi nenu dress change chessukunna

so thannu naaku slow ga massage chesthu na boobs ne pisssakadam alla start ayyindhi naaku thana meedha interest vachindhi thannani allaney na vayapu thippukunna na meedha kurchindhi alla idharam kiss chessukunnammu alla slow ga thannu na neck meedha kiss chethu alla idharam okkarrinokkaram ma boobs ne press chessukuntu thannu na armpits ne suck cheyyadam start chessindhi naaku edho la annipinchindhi alla memu

okkarrinokkaram suck chessukunnammu thana niiplles ne nenu na nipples ne thannu alla chesthu idharam slow ga ma clothes ne vippukunnammu thannu na boobs ne deep ga suck chessindhi idharam bed meedha paddukunnammu na pooku ne thana vayapu pettannu thana pooku na vayapu idharam nenu thana pooku ne suck chesthuntey thannu na pooku ne suck chesthu alla idharam bhaga enjoy chesthu malli idharam hug chessukonni alla bed meedha

doggy style lo nenu unnanu anusha naaku fingering start chessindhi na pooku ne rub chesthu suck chesthu naaku kaarripoyye dakka chessindhi nenu allaney thannaku karripoyye dakka fingering chessa thana degara keera undey idharam opposite direction lo kurchonni keera ne ma pookulla madhya pettukonni idharam strokes start chessammu alla ma madhya muddu keeras smash ayyayi

anusha ne challa seppu nenu suck chessa tarvatha idharam bath chessukunnamu and nenu return aypoyya intikki

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